ESL Industrial Project Logistics services cover all major sectors, from Oil & Gas to Mining, from Power to Petrochemicals, and more. To guarantee our service performance and synchronisation of operations, we ensure close coordination with all parties involved in each project.

Since every industrial project is unique in its characteristics, we deploy our global network of project logistics experts to ensure sound understanding of local environments and seamless materials management to optimise the cost and reliability of supply chain management.

Supported by stringent risk-management protocols, we are committed to securing reliable performance at an optimal cost, no matter the scale and capacity of projects.


  • Pre-feasibility project study and road survey
  • Project supply chain management (4PL) Transport engineering and heavy-lift transport
  • On-site delivery, loading, unloading and handling
  • Pre- and post-shipment inspection and surveyors
  • Purchase order management and cargo tracking
  • Risk management and cargo insurance
  • Multimodal transportation services
  • Industrial packing and crating solutions
  • Logistics base management
  • Air & sea chartering
  • Customs brokerage

  • Oil & Gas and Mining
  • Hydro-electric, Renewable Energy
  • Petrochemicals and Chemicals
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Iron, Steel, Cement industries